Chapter 1: The Swarm

Christmas 2013 Sigrdrifa logo

One of the side effects you get from having an active imagination is the swarm of ideas that float around your mind day and night, chaos desperately seeking for enough order to make sense of itself. I guess that’s why writers, painters, sculptors and artists in general become what they become; they need to channel those swarms into something congruent in order to be happy. I have had that swarm… uh, swarming around me for well over a decade now, and it’s annoying. When I was a little kid I already had some ideas floating around, sure, but after putting them into paper in a half-assed way they stopped nagging me. It was upon reaching adulthood that they became powerful enough to force me into doing something about it.

Sigrdrífa is one of my first serious attempts at doing something about it.

Not that I haven’t tried before. I have plenty of material slowly detaching itself from the Swarm and settling down into something a bit more controllable. In fact, Sigrdrífa isn’t even the biggest idea I have that is leaving the Swarm, although it has the potential of becoming something huge. What Sigrdrífa has that the others don’t is commitment; I’m making the production of this story public, as well as setting a deadline (Christmas 2013, as you can see from the promotional banner above). I will blog about its progress as it occurs: its ups and downs, the writer’s blocks that I’m sure to find along the way, the eureka moments that break those blocks, and so forth. I’ll make the readers privy to that process, which means I’ll have to hold myself accountable to the success or failure of the project.

And I’m not doing this alone.

sketches for sigrdrifa

Mr. José Vega will also be a part of this project as its cover artist, and he will be sharing his progress as well. The sketches you see above are the very first ideas that made it into paper. In the meantime, you can check his amazing artwork at his Art of José Vega webpage, and follow him on his Twitter handle @iarte7.

You can also follow me at @Samtertainment, and of course follow this blog.

What will Sigrdrífa be about? You guys can probably get some rough ideas from the name itself as well as those sketches. For more information, however, stay tuned!

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